Red Oak Partners, LLC is a registered investment advisor with the SEC

Welcome to RED OAK

Red Oak seeks to capture the historically significant outperformance achieved in sub $200 million market cap (micro and nano cap) stocks, while actively addressing key risks (fraud, liquidity) which cause institutions to avoid investing in the space. We target key events/catalysts to drive stock appreciation and increase liquidity, and periodically employ activism to be the catalyst and bring forth this value as well. The Red Oak Partners Family of Funds includes the Red Oak Fund, the Red Oak Long Fund, the Red Oak Long Offshore Fund and various special purpose entities.


Primary Research& Diligence

  • Independent Identification of Targets
  • Proprietary Analysis
  • Private Equity Style Diligence

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Managementof Key Risks

  • GP Alignment
  • Liquidity Management
  • Short Exposure Limits

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OperationalRisk Management

  • Governance Controls
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Disaster Recovery

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